Keebio Joins the World of Newsletters!

Keebio is jumping into the world of newsletters with "Keebio Wavelets". Here's to our first! Huzzah!

Speaking of firsts, Keebio now has a brick-and-mortar space. We've been getting situated and settled for a bit, and starting to get comfy. We're excited to share with you a little view into our window...


Do you like the plants? They're pretty cool. (I've secretly named the cactus Groot.) Here in the future we'll use the newsletter to tell you about new releases, fun stuff about the team, and podcasts we're listening to, among other things.

We'll release newsletters on a bi-weekly basis. More good things to come!


Frosted Boba BDN9

BDN9 Rev. 2

Our most exciting update is the BDN9 Rev. 2! The Boba keys make me hungry. Yes, time for some tea. It's back in our inventory, so please join us in celebrating.

The frosted acrylic case is a slick look for the BDN9 Rev. 2. Keep things cool no matter the temperature outside with this case.

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The KBO-5000, a split-staggered 75%, is one of our items that is coming in mid-May! Keep your eyes peeled for updates here in our newsletter as well as our social media spaces. Our friends at P3D Store will also have fancy cases available for it too.

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The long-awaited Ergodicity, an Alice-style board that supports Kailh Choc switches is available now! Be sure to take a look on our Instagram. It's a sleek, solid build ready to grace any desk or workstation. Conquer your to-do list in style, friend.

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P R E - B U I L T S

The whispers are true! We are pre-building our Iris models.

Kayla (writer speaking!) finds great joy in the life of soldering components together. On the other hand, if your true joy is having things arrive soldered and flashed so you can start your day with a new keyboard, this option is now available.

And hey, if you're more into a different model of keyboard pre-built for you, there's a spot to let us know.

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Danny has been sponsoring The Board Podcast for a while! You should check out their podcasts as well as their videos.

Interested in a Keebio kit of your choice? You have the chance to win every month in The Board's hosted giveaways. Win by subscribing to their podcast and listening each week. Support is cool. Winning stuff is cool. Both? Why not!

Last month's competition for the giveaway was to write your own keyboard-themed sea shanty. Here's one of the submissions that Don (the host) performed! And it's just awesome, so do yourself a favor and give it a listen:

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We're pretty big Reddit folks here at Keebio. Here's something we spotted recently that's pretty dang cool: The Ploopy Nano Trackball. The post features the central trackball, but you can spot a Keebio Iris build on either side of it. Give it a gander when you have a moment!

H E Y , T H A N K S !

You made it all the way to the end, yay! Thanks for catching up with us here at Keebio. Our next newsletter will be in two weeks. If there's stuff you'd like to hear more about we'd love to know!

Input good. Yes. Talk to us.


Kayla over and out! It's been a great week, folks.
Talk again soon.


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