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Resin printing is happening at Keebio! Danny found a way we can further pursue the keycap hairclips we've talked about before...

Behold our first test print of the AmeraLabs Town! The inset image was the shape we were going for. This test is supposed to help us see several minute details in the way our printer prints. Good for a first shot, eh?

I'm super excited to see all the things we can make...

Have you made resin prints? Let us know about exciting stuff you've learned or enjoy about resin printing!

Be the first to know about the hairclips!


Iris and Quefrency Pre-Built Excitement

Similar to plants that need sunlight and water, your keyboard build needs some thought and care to make it a treasure.

Here at the office, all the staff enjoy keeping on top of the tiny details in a build. The Iris holds its charm with its sloping curves to its build and the Quefrency is debonair in its black plates. The pre-built Sinc is going to join its compadres too!

What's something special you enjoy building?

Build all the things!

Boba U4T switches!

If you're a fan of the deeper sound to your click, look alive because we got the Boba U4T switches back in stock for our pre-builts! These are an option, along with other fine switches, so give them a gander.They'd be happy to see you, too!

Thock thock. Th-thock thock.

KBO-5000 impending arrival!

The KBO-5000 is looking to rock the world, everyone! At a whopping 80% you will get a grand array of keys to work on and space for your hands to make the magic!

Everyone... I am so pumped to build this when it arrives! Let's do a build party!

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!

...aaaaand FoldKB impending arrival!

What a treat! Not only is the KBO-5000 looking to waltz into our shop, but the FoldKB is, too! It's got some slick curves you can enjoy the aesthetics of every time you sit down at your computer, friend.

New builds await you!

Class folded into a keyboard.

I R I S  3 D  P R I N T S 

Hail the great victory that Danny won!

...In all seriousness, the 3D printer put up a pretty big fight, but Danny won in the end. 🎉

Now your eyes can feast upon a beautiful top layer that is perfectly suited to the crisp edges of the switches and the smooth curve of a rotary encoder on the Iris model.

The shell of this print will soon become open source, and there is a potential in the future for more of these to be made! Give us a holler over Instagram if you're interested in seeing these made.

The Iris is a lovely flower, and the shade of your eyes.

C O M M U N I T Y  I N P U T

Enamored with a majestic build you've made?

Rock on!

If you feel like sharing your work with Keebio gear, let us know!
We'd be happy to see it and share!

Display your work!

C O M M U N I T Y  I N P U T ...
part 2!

Techmech submitted a marvelous build! I've recently discovered how great the MT3 profile keycaps are, and this construction sports them with an interesting mix of them on the top row, with XDA for the other rows.

With the Nyquist PCB + SP50 case housing some Kailh Box Silent Pink switches, this is a fantastic build to see.

Go give techmech some love for their hard work!

Share the love, folks.

F U N  S T U F F

ThereminGoat wrote an outstanding article on hidden facts of the switch-universe! From the great reaches of the internet comes ThereminGoat, with data you may only have heard in whispers on the mechanical keyboard subreddits...

I'm in awe of the sheer amount of research that this individual has put into their writing! Respect. I also learned a lot! Switch stickers and switch films stood out to me. I may have to tinker with those at some point!

Test your switch lore knowledge!

O N  R E D D I T

Laser beams are the new way to make mega-cool Quefrency cases according to u/ArsRoch on Reddit! Great combination of materials, looks stunning.

We'll all be waiting for the finished build in tense anticipation!

Spare an upvote for a masterful creation?

O N  R E D D I T pt.2!

There's a beautifully carved piece that surfaced with a hand-wired 5-key macropad on the mechanical keyboards sub! That warm wood finish is so charming. I really enjoy seeing that wood grain!

Wood you spare an upvote?

H E Y , T H A N K S !

I'm happy you stepped in to read with us today. It's good to relax and take in fun news. See you again soon!

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