Release the Filament

Danny's been going all out lately with 3D printed case designs in Fusion 360, and some more STL files have been released!

First up is the KBO-5000, with various blocker and encoder configurations available for the top layer.

Snag the files from the KBO-5000 case GitHub repo.

KBO-5000 3DP case
KBO-5000 3DP case
Trick out your KBO-5000


New Sinc 3D files released as well

The Sinc 3D case files also got a refresh with a similar style to the KBO-5000.

The files are currently only compatible with Rev. 2, but Rev. 1 compatible files will be made soon.

Grab the updated files and let the printing commence!

Get them Sinc STL files now!
FFT Keyboard

New keyboard design: FFT

Like new keyboard layouts? Well, here's a new one that Danny worked up as his new daily driver.

The goal of this board is to take a 4x12 split but then add on a separated out number row for whenever you want to type numbers but don't want to fiddle around with layers.

Interested? Then sign up for a restock notification so we can gauge interest in the FFT.

Half Levinson, Half Nyquist, it's the FFT

Miscellaneous Updates

For some additional news, here's a few highlights of what's been happening:

  • Quefrency Rev. 4 PCBs are now in production! ETA is roughly 6 weeks
  • Iris Stainless Steel plates have been reordered, which will be compatible with the future Iris Rev. 5 and older PCB revisions
  • Iris Rev. 4.5 to be ordered next week, replaces TRRS with USB-C
  • FoldKB to be ordered next week as well


Do you think you're enthusiastic about split ergo keyboards? Tom (bomtarnes) might have something to say about that.

Listen to how Tom got into keyboards and went into the deep end with the splergo gang on The Thocc Podcast!

What are you waiting for?

Get Podcastic with VogonPT and Tom

3D Printed Analog Hall Effect Switches?!

Riskable has been busy 3D printing all sorts of keyboard stuff, such as keyboards, cases, and switches. Wait, switches?! Yes, you heard correctly.

Check out this teardown video that Chyrosran22 did of his "Void" switches

Learn the secrets of these switches

H E Y , T H A N K S !

Yo, you made it through another enthralling Wavelet, pat yourself on the back.


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Danny actually wrote this week's issue, so he's been referring to himself in the 3rd person this whole time. Just like Jimmy in that one Seinfeld episode.



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