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The Meeting of the Keeb Tribe

The meetup Keebio hosted the weekend before last was a smashing success! People brought keyboards and goodness to share!

So many keebs. Much cool people. Yesh.

Danny's thinking to do more meetups like this one, so you should let him know if you're interested!

We've got more photos of the presented keebs at the event below! :)

Meetup Album
Moar meetup? Yes, meetup moar.


New Video on YouTube!

Stop motion and the BDN9? Why yes, that IS our new video!

I built the BDN9 with a little bit of flair, so I hope it is helpful and you enjoy it!

Rotary encoder spaceship?

FoldKB is rockin' new curves.

Want to take the curves of the FoldKB to the next level after it drops?

Danny's got you set with his new 3D prints!

With this sweet outer shell, you'll still be able to enjoy the designs on the bottom of the plates.

Them classy curves.

Scrap Boxes!

Scrap boxes? Little surprises in every one!

(But no really, I packed these and it's a menagerie of FR4 plates, PCBs and random parts.) If you want to explore what winds up in the scrap boxes at Keebio, now's your chance! It also helps us clear up space in the office. ;)

Boxes made of ticky tacky...


There's a lot of great experimentation that happens on Kirball's channel! He delves into the switches to see what makes them great, and he improves them.

He lines up some great builds on his Twitch stream as well as some cool videogame streams too! New World beta looks pretty neat...

Support him with us by giving a follow and subscribe!

Watch Kirball build the Quefrency!


There are many wonderful ASMR videos to help find that sense of calm in your life.

Kirball wants to help you out with that calm by giving you an ASMR video of a Boba Linear Thock test. On the Quefrency, no less!

Put your headphones on for the full effect!

Kirball Support Team!

You may have been wondering why there are two parts of the newsletter focused on Kirball...

We're sponsoring Kirball here at Keebio now!

Go give his videos on twitch a watch and take a gander at his inventory over at his main website. :)

Kirball, keys and colors, oh my!

The Grand Display of Meetup Keyboards!

Here's a closer look at all the great keyboards that were showcased by attendees of the event!

Thanks for coming and hanging out, everyone!

More pics in these albums taken by various attendees: Pics, pics, and more pics!

I want to be at the next one!

H E Y , T H A N K S !

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