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Reflecting on the Keebio Year

We have had so many exciting changes and growth here at Keebio this year. The world has been through some tough stuff, but we're doing our best to keep going too.

In the spirit of reflecting on the year soon coming to a close in a few months (it's week 38 of 52?!), I felt it appropriate to take a moment to look once more at the year thus far.

Danny brought us a grand total of 5 new keyboards this year!

The FoldKB...



The Stick...

and WTF60!

And who knows? Maybe more will arrive...

Keebio 2021
2021 keyboards not to be missed!


Rainbow keychains!

Rainbow PCB Keychains are here!

We get excited about colors here at Keebio. What's the fun in ingenuity without some play?

If you're looking to complete your set after getting a freebie with your purchases, you can snag the specific one you need. Keychains for all!

We're looking to add purple and pink next... What other colors do you want to see? Tell us on Discord!

Gotta catch 'em all! ...Wait.
Iris Stainless Steel

Upcoming Iris Rev. 5!

The Iris Rev. 5 is arriving next week along with Phoenix Edition case parts!

Be sure to sign up on the product page to be the first to know when it is available for purchase.

The Phoenix Rises!
Mill Max 3305

Mill-Max 3305 has returned to Pre-Builts!

The Keebio team has loved making builds for you!

We're considering adding more keyboards to our list of pre-built options.

Let me know if you're interested in having the Nyquist or KBO-5000 among other keebs added to our current pre-built repertoire.

What new pre-builts do you want to see?


FoldKB Build

FoldKB Build by u/FansforFlorida

It's absolutely wonderful when the community will share their work with us. In this case, a nice human off Reddit going by u/FansForFlorida has done an outstanding FoldKB build!

I love the colors you chose for your backdrop and the 3D printed shell! A stunning and brilliant build.

Build your own FoldKB


Flurples' fine work

For Fudge Sake. It sounds amazing!

Flurples on YouTube has managed to create a keyboard on cardboard with an Elite-C, and switches built out of Cherry Browns with Boba U4T stems, SPRiT slow 2 65g springs, filmed with Deskeys films, all lubed with Tribosys 3203.

There is the one minute version.

There is also the 30-minute version.
Dang, that's a nice sound for switches.

Thocky ASMR for you, friend?
Gameboy Game Group Buy

Gameboy game advertising?! Bananas!

There is a lovely human on Reddit who has created an adorable and fun Gameboy game to advertise a group buy. I absolutely adore the Pokemon references that compose it.

I think I played the first Pokemon game on Gameboy color after my PS One... Golly does time fly in the tech world!

Go give it a watch and an upvote on Reddit!

Should Keebio make a game too?

S N E A K P E E K !

More video content is in progress at Keebio! We've got big plans for our future content, and I'm so excited to share it soon.

I've got another stop-motion is in progress for the KBO-5000, and Danny's hatched some cool plans for the next few videos too! (Yes, my home work station does stay in a state of crazy until photos are done...)

Stay tuned!


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