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Don't Turn into a Pumpkin!

We have a lot of exciting things going on during this festive time of the year! (Don't worry, Keebio will keep the holidays in order...unlike some stores.)

Keebio's also launching a new email segment called "Cup of Keebio"! Be sure to be on the lookout for that soon. :)

Celebrate the season with a build!


Que Rev.4

Quefrency Rev. 4 Hotswap drop!

You all have been asking about Kailh hotswaps, and Danny has delivered! We're starting to do a lot more with hotswaps in the Keebio office, so be sure to give our keyboards another look if you've been pining for a hotswappable board.

The result of Danny's hard work is the Kailh hotswapped Quefrency Rev4 now available in store!

The time has come!
Iris Phoenix Edition

Iris Phoenix Edition (PE) + Rev.5 drop!

The Iris Rev. 5 is arriving next week along with Phoenix Edition case parts! The mythos of the phoenix changes depending on what culture you're studying. However, most stories detail that it lives an immortal life, continuously being reborn from ashes. So, too, the Iris continues to live on with additions that make it even better than the last revision.

The Phoenix Rises!
Light purple 3d print cali cat

Mayhaps a 3D printing affiliate?

Danny has been kicking around the idea of having someone print the 3D print models he's created. So, if you don't have a 3D printer, you can still easily get your hands on a nifty shell for your Iris, Quefrency, KBO-5000 or FoldKB.

Nothing's finalized yet, but get excited! It might be happening soon!

Should we include matryoshka cats? You know, the nesting dolls? The bigger cat hides smaller cats!

Check out our 3D shells on Github!
Store Redesign coolness

Store Redesign

If you haven't seen the newest version of the Keebio website, be sure to drop by and take a moment to gander! Please excuse any site issues though, as we're ironing out any bugs. Let us know if you notice anything odd, and you may receive a gift!

Danny put a lot of care and thoughtful work into all the special menus to make life easier for the community as well as everybody internally. Give him a high-five next time you see him. :)

I was very excited to create the homepage main image as well! Stick around and you'll see even more cool things the Keebio Team will come up with!

A new look!


FoldKB Build

Build the FoldKB with Kayla

It's the latest completely new keyboard to join the Keebio collection, so I had to make a video! The FoldKB is a lovely ortholinear build with pronounced curves on its outer edges that enhance the look of the crisp lines of the alpha keys of the keyboard.

Leave a comment on the video if you want to see a blooper reel... As there may or may not be some of that footage. Of me dropping things... πŸ˜…

Build your own FoldKB


Dustin's fine work

Sinc Build by Dustin Groh

Dustin has some nice lo-fi jams going on in the background of his masterful build of the Keebio Sinc! Some smooth beats to relax to while you join him for the build.

He picked out some mega cool Hangul keycaps to go along with the fiery red 3D shell.

He'll have a build video of the FoldKB soon, so make sure you subscribe to his channel and be the first to know when it's available.

Annyeonghaseo! μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš”!

H E Y , T H A N K S !

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