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Go batty over sales and clearance! πŸ¦‡πŸŒ™

Is Kayla going to keep making ridiculous seasonal jokes? Probably! (Did you know the spectacled flying fox bat is an endangered species?)

The innovation that's been happening in Keebio is oustanding and wonderful! The results of these innovations means new products as well as sales on earlier builds.

(Also freeing up boxes on shelves is a thing.)


Come join me for chatter of celebrations, anniversaries and sales!

Celebrate the season with a build!



4 Year Anniversary of the FoldKB!

Are you as surprised as I am? If not, you've been keeping a close eye on Keebio's work for a while!

The FoldKB, I have learned, was originally the brainchild of u/friglesnart. Then Danny brought the idea to more prominence by designing plates to elevate this wonderful ortholinear build.

Celebrate like it's 1999~ or at least not 2020.
Iris Phoenix Edition

Twitch streaming is happening at Keebio!

A few of you may have caught the stream featuring one of our lovely 3D printers hard at work on yet another shell to give more keyboard razzle-dazzle.

Danny is thinking about doing more of these Twitch streams so that everyone can get an 'insider look' on how some things happen here at Keebio, so start following "KeebioLab" on Twitch!

Follow the Twitch streaming channel!
Viterbi 3D Printed Case

Viterbi sale?!

So much hard work has been makng it clear we need more shelf space! Danny has been working with our new team members Emily and Celia to make even more cool stuff, so we need the space.

Snag a Viterbi for a sleek ortholinear to free up some space on your desk and give it a sleek look from the matrix of columns. Danny has also uploaded to GitHub a new 3D shell for the Viterbi.

This sale will last one week! No pressure to start on that Christmas list, but you should treat yo' self, friend.

Sale keyboard is good keyboard.
Iris LE Clearance

Iris Legacy Parts Clearance

If you've got a Rev. 4 Iris PCB or older and have had your eye on certain plates and case parts, the time has come for you!

The Legacy parts for the Iris are catered to the older TRRS jack system, but the newer Irises are constructed with a USB-C connector in mind.

Hey, we have a clearance page now!


Weird Keyboards

A Guide to Weird Keyboards

Danny found a fascinating video recently so I just had to share it!

This video very simply breaks down the differences between keyboards and why they still work at, say, a 40% size. That can be intimidating for individuals just wading into the deep waters of mechanical keyboards!

Never fear! We are here. To guide you with documentation and resources such as this. :)

And, if you know all the different kinds of keyboards, give it a gander and see if you agree with how it's all being presented!

Keyboards evolve like Pokemon?!


Recently, I put a Google Form link in one of the newsletters. I made it with the goal in mind of learning what new pre-builts our community may enjoy having on the list.

...And I completely made the mistake of not changing the privacy settings on the form!

For this, I do apologize. I hope I did not put a monkeywrench in your day with my mistake.

Gomen nasai mina-san! ごめん γͺさい みγͺさん!

Okay, NOW the form should work! :)

H E Y , T H A N K S !

I do enjoy having your company for reading the newsletter!
Do you drink coffee or tea while reading email?


Hol' up. I need to review your other newsletters.
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Newsletters all for you!


Kayla recently thrifted the first season of Heroes!

What snack do you like when you watch a show?



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