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Videos, sales, and blogs, oh my!

We have some very exciting news this week!

The first edition of our aluminum cases has arrived, ongoing sales, and a new youtube video we've just dropped. Not to mention more gear for the Iris has returned.

Come join me, dear reader, for our roundup of updates!

We have more scrap boxes now, too!


Youtube video KBO-5000

KBO-5000 stop-motion build!

Another build for our video repertoire! This time around it's a stop-motion animation of the KBO-5000 assembly.

I had some fun syncing up the music to the movement, so let me know if you like it!

Some bounce for your day?
BDN9 Green Aluminum Sample

BDN9 Aluminum Case Round One!

The aluminum BDN9 case prototypes arrived at our office the other day! The engraving looks even better in person, but the texture of the aluminum is a nice smoothness, with a little bit of a wedge to elevate the platform toward your hand.

Optimum user experience design, coming to a desk near you!

YOU get to help us decide future colors!
Please let us know on the form what color you want to see the future cases made in!

Tell us what color you want!
Levinson & BFO-9000

Levinson and BFO-9000 sale!

The outstanding BFO-9000 has rightfully earned its place as our monster keyboard. What? Too late for Halloween jokes? It offers you every key you should like to possibly have on a keyboard.

On the other end of the scale spectrum, we have our lovely Levinson which is petite by comparison and stands out in its own right.

Either style you choose, you're getting an ortholinear of your dreams! Both are Pro-Micro driven masterpieces and are worthy of inclusion in even the most humble of keyboard collections.

Give the sales a look today!

Why not both? Por qué no los dos?
Iris Black and Purple Plates

New Iris Acrylic Colors

Yesterday I spent some time packaging the new acrylic plates for the Iris!

The newest colors we got in are the midnight black and a deep, intense purple!

Your Iris need a new case?

Blog Post by the Founder Himself

Danny has written an in-depth look into his daily routine as a business manager and his aspiration for the future of Keebio.

It's a great way to get a little insight into how he formed Keebio and how it continues to evolve, so go ahead and give it a read.

Learn about Keebio from our founder. :)


Kirball the Great

Kirball Rockin' the Quefrency Build

Kirball has done us the honor of building another keyboard of ours, the KBO-5000!

He also did a fun unpacking video, too, if you'd like to watch!

Join him for a fun time of chatting and building with some mega awesome switches, folks.

Join Kirball and also get a discount on Keebio gear!
work by u/COrthbandt

u/COrthbandt and his fine 3D work

Carsten on the r/ErgoMechKeyboards subreddit did an oustanding 3D modeling and 3D printing for the Iris!

Looking great with blank keycaps is the Iris, amid a skilled 3D design and tented legs, even! The rainbow wrap-around lighting is a delightful touch. Or is it a transparent area of the build that allows the RGB lighting shine through? Hm...

u/COrthbandt did fabulous work! I'd give you a high-five if we met.

Go share loving upvotes!

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