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Not Back in Black, but aluminum!

Drumroll, please!

This week the official name of our aluminum BDN9 cases drops!

Come join me, dear reader, for our week of updates!

Clearance section waves hi. Wave back?


BAMFK-1 Case

Big Switch PCB (BAMFK-1) & Case Preview!

Danny and Emily have been working on some rockin' gear lately! One of their recent projects is this kooky and wonderful-looking case. To me, it looks like it's looking back at me... Whoah!

Seeing faces? Or is it just me...?
BDN9 Green Aluminum Sample

The Jawn Case for the BDN9!

Thing. Thingy. Jawn.

Primarily Pennsylvanian slang, I learned that jawn can be used as the word thing. Or thingy. Many nouns can be jawns, just not people.

Danny teaches me so much trivia. I need to do a trivia night with folks at some point. (And then I'll just lose at everything except animated films trivia.) Yes. #needstohappen

Go get 'em!
Keebio Sticker

The Return of the Sticker!

There was a stretch of time I was sad to pack your packages without the delightful shine of the Keebio sticker...

Those days are no more!

Danny has resupplied the office with more stickers. Yay! Cheers all around, folks. *clink*

Our keycap with shine will keep your purchase company until it safely arrives with you! If you want more than just the one that comes with your purchase, you can buy as many as you please.

Sticker glory, with all the shine!
pre built foldkb

Hold onto your chair-behold pre-built FoldKB!

The FoldKB has joined the ranks of its predecessors!

Now you too can wield the nicely sloping curves of the FoldKB upon your working battlestation.(That's the newfangled term for your desk, amirite?)

Handle life's digital challenges with flair, dear reader.

Yet another ortholinear pre built! Woo!


Kailh hotswaps on that brand new Quefrency

Join Danny to build the Iris!

We're making waves (yes, even in the weird NC winter) on YT with some builds and pro tips! We like to make sure our community has the pointers they need to have the best build.

Danny's done a walkthrough on the latest Iris Rev.5 build, as well as how to do a 3D print install for the Quefrency too!

Be the very best. Like no one ever waaaas!


Mochi Craaaafts!

Mochi Crafts with a Quefrency 2 Build

With an ultra kawaii look, Mochi Crafts treats us to a build of the Quefrency that features a Frosted Ice Blue case.

(Don't worry, you're not the only one gawking at that dazzling blue and white combo!)

Neatly organized and poised, this streamer has some tea while making Keebio's Quefrency with zest.

Squishy and cute keyboarding!
Mavr1k's BDN9 for art

Youtuber Mavr1k's work with the BDN9

Mavr1k has made an outstanding video on how he's used his BDN9 for art program work! Considering how keyboard shortcuts are just so darn useful in design programs, I can see the appeal!

Give the video a like from us and think about ways you'd like to use your BDN9!

BDN9 achieving all the potential!

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