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See everything in 3D! (no glasses needed)

Ya'll asked for stuff in 3D and we are bringin' the heat!

Danny recently did an awesome handshake with a studio to help us bring more keyboarding 3D gear to you.

We have some holidaying to do as well, so don your hat and join us!

Clearance section waves hi. Wave back?


Tree Dog Studio Iris 3D Printed Case

Tree Dog Studio as affiliate!

What do you get when you combine two stellar mechanical keyboard passionate teams? You get the collaboration of Tree Dog Studio and the one and only, Keebio!

Tree Dog Studio has done us the honor of joining us in bringing more 3D printed Keebio keyboard gear to you. They have parts for both the new and old Iris plates! So if you've had an Iris for years or have just become a fan, these prints are available to you!

Tree Dog Studio also features 3D printed gear for the Quefrency, Sinc, and FoldKB, among others!

A Studio for Dogs, Trees, and 3D gear!
Gift Card

'Tis the Season...for keyboard enthusiasts!

And gift cards are a thing. At Keebio, no less!

Putting together your keyboard pieces can be such a personal project. You lovingly decide your PCB...the plates... the switches... the keycaps!

If you want to gift someone the keyboard goodness but want to give the power of choice too, a gift card can be your wise choice, dear reader.

And even if it's not the holidays where you are... hey. You can still be a giving and cool person any time of the year.

The Power of Choice and Gifts is Yours
Assorted Cali Cats!
Iris PE 3D Printed Top Shell

Calibration Cats and more!

There's a lot of lovely things headed for our inventory... namely cats!

We're going to be offering these adorable minis in various colors soon, and I'm so excited it's a little accessory we can bring you all. :)

Don't need a theater for 3D!
Iris Hotswap Rev.6

Iris Rev. 6 available before end of year!

The last step in the process of getting the Iris Hotswap Rev.6 to you is waiting for the boxes to arrive at the Keebio office!

We're excited to introduce this hotly anticipated keyboard, as hotswaps have had a nice wave of love from lots of folks recently! And we'll have plenty of case parts around to match up with the new PCBs.

Be on the lookout!
Pre Built Switches in Stock

All Switches Back in Stock!

We had a big burst of orders that somehow had exhausted our massive switch supply here in the office!

Lucky for us all, we now have all switches back in stock. Yes, even the Boba U4 and the U4Ts!

Please kindly note that we are experiencing about a 3-5 day delay with our pre-builts. We have so many orders! I love that you are so passionate about keyboards! Yes, you!

Thanks so much for being patient with us as we work hard to build every order to the Keebio standard of quality. πŸ’–

Pre-builts + switches galore!


FoldKB is an Endgame Build?

FoldKB-- Endgame Build?!

John Hall of YouTube asks us a question: Is the FoldKB endgame worthy?

He goes in-depth into his considerations and challenges as he endeavored to find the keyboard that suited his needs and had a great look.

The One to Rule Them All

Keebio Sponsors Keebsmas!

Keebio is sponsoring Keebsmas!

The beneficiary of this year's Keebsmas is Black Girls Code. Empowerment is the key to change, and the Keebio team loves to support learning.

Black Girls Code has a great motto, so I'll include it here:

"Imagine. Build. Create. Imagine a world where everyone is given the tools to succeed, and then help us build ways for everyone to access information and create a new age of women of color in technology."

Keebsmas and keyboard giveaways!

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