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New Year, New Iris!

In all its hotswapped majesty will the Iris soon grace us! Get an update for the new Iris PCB and all the Jawn gear you've been dreaming of! (What do you mean, I can't walk through dreams? I'm hiding in the background, waiting for you wave back at me!)
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Iris Rev. 6 - Hotswap PCB

The Highly Anticipated: Iris Rev.6!

What is about to arrive?!

The next generation of ...the Iris!

(You thought I was going to say Pokemon, didn't you? They have so many generations I can't keep track anymore...!)

A Kailh hotswap powerhouse, the newest Iris will be available super soon (next week). And don't forget: we have a collaboration with Tree Dog Studio! So you can get the new hotswapped Iris as well as some awesome 3D action to truly deck it out.

Iris with all the Kailh hotswaps!
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The Jawn Carry Case!

For some folks, February is a big month! Some chocolate, snuggles... but wait! We can do one better here.

The Jawn is such a a classy item we HAD to give it traveling honors!

All the Jawn related things will be up in the shop around February, and we're so excited to share with you all the hard work the team has put into bringing this nifty piece to fruition. We've been excited for a while, now you can join us in our excitement!

Get notified when your Jawn can travel!

BDN9: The Great Return

The BDN9 gets an aluminum case and a carrying case (link coming soon!), and more of the PCBs for it come into the shop.

We're making sure we keep up the stock for this item for those who love the Jawn case and others who need to scratch that tinkering macro itch. Because c'mon... that feeling of needing to build stuff just doesn't go away on its own!

Too Much of a Good Thing? Nah...
Iris Alumn Proto

Iris: Aluminum Case Prototype Ordered

It's happening!!! Keebio is going to soon have a full aluminum case for our treasured Iris PCB.

Danny and Emily have been putting in a lot of hard work to make this happen! I'm so excited we're going to be able to share preliminary photos soon (above picture is just a render). A significant step in the history of Keebio!

What keyboard will be aluminum-ified next?!
SKUF feet

SKUF Feet: how did we live before?!

The SKUF feet had a mysterious appearance in the shop... and some of you found it before we announced it!

You ninjas, you.

But yes! Instead of the small, semi-sphere bumper feet (I affectionately nickname 'jelly feet') we are now going to be using more lengthy bumpers!

A solid base for a keyboard to rest upon, and it prevents shifting movement as it has a nicely gripping smooth texture.

Get new feet! ...I mean, bumpers!


ro1 Sinc with Akko Ocean Blues

Soothing: Sinc with Akko Ocean Blues + Giveaway!

Ro1 makes a soothing video, and his voice is soft and casual, like sitting across from a friend in a coffee shop.

This gentleman makes the Sinc build from Keebio, and lets us know how his process went, and how it's a little different from other keyboards he's built.

The keycaps he ultimately chose (Matcha Red Bean) compliment the Sinc build so nicely! Fantastic work, Ro1! Glad you enjoyed a build from Keebio!

He's also giving away the board, so watch the video to find out how to enter.

The Thocc to Rule Them All
Sinc sound test

Sinc Akko Ocean Blues Soundtest!

A keyboard build is not complete without a sound test to accompany it.

ro1 does a great build, and then presents us with a very ASMR-level soothing sound test.

That sweet, sweet ASMR~
The Thocc

The Thocc Podcast: Episode 15, featuring Danny!

An EOY special for the podcast, Danny, founder of Keebio, steps up to the podcasting microphone!

Find out what brought Danny into the fold of the mechanical keyboard community, and the inspiration from the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard series.

Give the podcast a listen and let us know what content you enjoyed!

There can only be thocc!

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