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The Goddess of the Rainbow Graces Keebio!

Step right up, guys and gals and nonbinary pals!

We now have the Iris Rev. 6 stocked in store!! We are swimming (happily!) in the orders that have come in! I'm thrilled everyone is showing so much love for our newest addition to the Keebio family.

Thanks for being patient with any delays, as there's been a lot of work, and we're actually on skeleton crew recently.

Read more about the new lovely PCB on the block!

Clearance section waves hi. Wave back?


Iris Rev. 6 - Hotswap PCB

Rainbow Goddess: Iris Rev.6!

I can't get over that phenomenal RGB, my friends! It dazzles me every time I check one before boxing it up. The team is loving this new addition, and we're loving bringing these to you with the brand-new SKUF feet to nicely keep your build in place on your desk.
Iris donning the RGB and hotswap look!
Jawn Fam

The Jawn Family Photo!

We've received the main case parts for the The Jawn recently and have begun work on sorting out the different colors and doing quality control on them!

The last piece of the puzzle that we're waiting on are the carrying cases, to protect your Jawn while it's being shipped to you.

Get notified when you can get these Jawns!
Stab Organizer!

Office Reorganization

Keebio is kicking off the year with a newly organized workspace!

We love us some ergonomics (if it wasn't obvious) and have desks that you can change the height of, which is great if I have a day when I want to stand more than sit. Or do a half-and-half kind of day.

We have some rockin' new 3D prints Danny made that help us organize the stabilizers of the office! It's so cute!!

What office-y organizers do you really enjoy? What helps you get into that thoughtful flow of gettin' stuff done?!

Gimme the ergo stuff! *grabby paws*
Iris Alum Proto

Iris: Aluminum Case Prototype Sample Arrival!

Behold the majesty of the Iris in rose gold!!!

Danny has been typing on this ever since it arrived, and folks, it is a delight to have that sound as a backdrop while I am working.

Danny was happy with the sample that came to the office, and has made some notes on how to make it even better for everyone. We'll be excitedly waiting on the official batch to arrive so it will be available in the shop soon!

We'll also be selling a small number of the prototypes if you just can't wait.

What keyboard will be aluminum-ified next?!


Reddit Keebio Squad

Keebio Squad: Assemble!

But no, really, this poster on reddit chose an outstanding title for their post, says I!

Feels like superheroes coming together. To quell... wrist pain? ...Yeah! Let's run with that.

The Keebio Squad comes to save wrists from pain and provide elegant options for split keyboards! Love the respect given to the Keebio Keyboards, u/Ergonomech! πŸ₯°

Check out the Keebio Squad
Os eruditio

Spooky Season all year long, please.

The mechanical keyboard subreddit strikes gold again with this artistry to behold.

Gaze with your special eyes, friends... A Levinson that was built with a case modeled after human bone structure! It has graceful slopes that are also magically capable of providing a little home for a mouse with a trackball.

A round of applause for this majestic build!

Some Latin to exercise your noggin: os eruditio
Cehmcast black LED acrylic

Chemcast Black LED Acrylic? Try saying it 3x fast!

This newfangled material is blowing me away with the way colors shine through it!

When it is not being backlit, it comes across as a matte black acrylic. HOWEVER...!

When it is backlit, it offers 29% light transmission of any color of your choosing! Fancy that. Go give it a look! (Also, the joke on the title is the fact it took me re-reading it six times just to get it typed correctly...ha!)

We don't have any plans on stocking parts made of it, but just thought it looked cool and maybe you all have some good ideas for it.

Illuminate your life in acrylic, mayhaps?
All the Splits, All the Time

All the Splits, All the Time.

The KBO-5000. Sinc, and Quefrency are boldly and beautifully displayed by u/hlidotbe on reddit. An awesome collection!!!

Danny, you have a request to make your next keyboard with a numpad on the left! ;)

Good stuff comes in threes, right?

H E Y , T H A N K S !

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What soundtracks do you like to chill to?

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