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Metallic Melodies: Aluminum and Thock

I'm going to lie to myself and go ahead and change our backdrop to a wildflower color palette because gosh do I want SPRING to be here! Who else is with me? So ready to shed the winter layers, my friends.

Speaking of shedding layers, Keebio is revealing the final form of the BAMFK-1 and reminding you of some keebs that need some lovin'...

Baaaaby I need your lovin'


to have all yoooour loooovin'

...Four Tops, anyone? Such jamming songs!

Clearance section waves hi. Wave back?


KBO-5000 PCB

KBO-5000 needs some lovin'

Jumping jellyfish does the KBO-5000 need some company! Would your desk be a nice home for this guy?

The KBO-5000 is a 80% split keyboard with an array of different options when it comes to your bottom row. Special just to the KBO here at Keebio, it has the option of 3u keys. If your thumbs need a nice comfy spacebar to tap, this may be the keyboard for you!

Also, it's on clearance now, so get yours today! (or tomorrow, that works too)

it's over 9 thou--wait. 5,000!!!
Quefrency Rev. 2

Quefrency Rev. 2!

This stoic grandpappy still has some zip! (Well, if we're talking generations, then the Rev. 3 gets to be the next offspring and then the 4 is...the whippersnapper.)

With all the unpacking of so many new things, don't forget we still have lovelies like this one and the KBO-5000 on our shelves! You can also order this PCB among others as a pre-built!

We've also sliced the price of this down as well, so snag one while they last.

Grandpappy says get wise and click.

BAMFK-1 Order is happening!

Because let's face it: we all need a giant switch with a pair of cute encoder eyes to keep us company at our desk.

I digress, what we really need to a giant button to smash when our day is hard. Not Hulk smash, though. You want the fun to last, right?

Look forward to these mega-fun shenanigans to line the shelves soon!

Kawaii yet giant switch for you?
Iris Alum Proto

The aluminum is strong with Keebio

The Iris Aluminum case is a force of its own and it is time the Goddess of the Rainbow got her crown!

We're checking through the samples so we can put in the order for the real thing. The weight of it feels sooo good to my hands. We've been working on some additional design modifications to make it even feel better, and plan on placing an order for another round of prototypes next week.

It'll be the next super keyboard case to join the Keebio aluminum collection! So exciting!

Such aluminum. Much love.


Reddit Keebio Squad

Hey, do you remember this desk?

Last newsletter we featured a reddit post by u/Ergonomech--and we recently learned this nice person has a youtube channel!

I am so happy that you're happy with the new Iris Rev. 6, Ergonomech! Give a watch to an exuberant display of affection for the newest keyboard to join this typists' desk! Not to mention the RGB lighting display. (Give Danny some virtual looks pretty darn cool!)

Rainbow movement and happiness.
KBO-5000 first build

Stunning in hotswap & tunsian wood!

This build features Tunsian olive wood and magnestic attaching wrist rests everyone!!! Some excellent problem solving as well with 3d printing. u/DoctorM6 has even printed something that prevents the rotary encoder from moving when pressed, as the build has hotswaps.

Golly I love me that warm color in wood. Yup, real nice.

Ahem, sorry, got distracted... by loveliness! Please go give an upvote and some kind comment words for this outstanding build!

And hey, if you're looking around for the Thingiverse page to make that sweet, sweet wedge support u/DoctorM6 has got, it's here! :)

Combined mediums at its finest!
Eva808's Spectacular Work

Iris underglow + cute keycaps!

The more I learn about keyboards the more I delight in some lighting and adorable keycaps! Some soft colors and pawprints. Aww. It's so cute I'm gonna die! Flails hands excitedly.

Eva808 has kindly opted to share their build and some awesome changes a person can make to their keyboard if you so choose!

Cuteness + lights for your day?

H E Y , T H A N K S !

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