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Achievement Unlocked: RSS feed!

A restock of our DIY component parts has happened! Care to join me for a toast of the newest Keebio YouTube video? It celebrates our newest Iris PCB, of course!

For those of you with RSS feeds, read further to learn about our special one we have now!

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RSS Feed

Condensed soup--er, news for you!

Soup out of a can isn't as nice as making it from scratch sometimes, right?

Sometimes there's just a little too much happening and just a little is what you want, so Danny set up an RSS feed for everyone to enjoy! No need to get all the trim and trappings sometimes when you just want some highlights to make your day a little brighter.

Of course these still exist, silly! Come look!
Peel-A-Way Strips

Peel-A-Way Strips! Or, PAWs for short.

For those of you with furry friends, I do hope you like the joke. :D

Sadly, my puppy is far too big to fit between my KBO-5000 halves on my desk! But he keeps my toes warm, so it's all good.

These strips are a great help with getting Pro-Micro or Elite-Cs nicely into place on your PCB. Consider giving them a try, we just restocked them so they're up for grabs (by paws)!

PAWs without any fur on your desk.
Iris Rev. 6 Build Video

The Rev. 6 gets its own video!

Sometimes the hotswaps and the acrylic layers can be tricky!

I've made a video that will give you some pro tips when building this brightly lit PCB! As an added bonus, no soldering required unless you want a rotary encoder (or two) on your Iris Rev. 6.

Iris Rev. 6 in the spotlight, babyyy!
Sinc White Plates

Not Snow White, Sinc White!

That Brother's Grimm fairytale you know? Yeah, they got it all wrong. There was this lady looking for the best keyboard in the land, being fair doesn't have anything to do with it.


Regardless of the backstory, these white plates come with a tale to tell! But you are the adventurer who must weave the threads of the story! Do you accept your quest?

I accept this quest!


Custom Top Mount Quefrency

Top Mount Quefrency!

u/B_Rich has done a stellar job with this passion project!

This individual has gone above and beyond in their hard work with printing the 3D case (also modeled themselves!) as well as machining the plate on their PrintNC. This Quefrency has been given lots of love and attention!

The months of your hard work show, Brian! Ya'll should give him some love on his YouTube channel and his Instagram!

Thank you for sharing it with the community, it's truly a remarkable piece to behold. :)

The majesty of 3D printing + machining!
Little Wrist Beds

Oogle with me at wrist beds!

u/chr0me28 made a delightful Quefrency build as well! This time, we have these sweet little beds that cushion where the wrists rest.

...I had no idea these little beds for wrists existed, and now it's the gosh darn cutest thing I've seen for keyboards yet. You too can be the owner of these little comfort snoozers!

Throw an upvote here too!
phobokin_chicken's work

Quefrency Flipper Case!

u/Phobokin_Chicken off the r/MechanicalKeyboards subreddit also has an amazing Quefrency build to share!

This was also hand-designed by the poster, with a stunning rounded look! I wonder how it feels to type on... Got to say, it's wearing my absolute favorite keycap set: the GMK Godspeed!

Flippers Not for Feet

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