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BFO-9000 lovin'!

All you lovely people. Yes, you.

It's great to see you. :)

After a round of being sick last week, it's good to get back into routine and writing...and sharing all the cool stuff happening at Keebio!

I've got some new items to drop to fawn over with you and get excited on new takes on old keebs. Let's dig in!

Clearance section waves hi. Wave back?


Elite-C Fadeout!

Elite-C Email Forthcoming!


Yes, all that remains of the Elite-C in the Keebio shop are, indeed, the B-stock.

We want to let you all know about the future of microcontrollers in the Keebio world, so be on the lookout for an email coming at you with some more details about our future plans! (With flowers. We wouldn't ambush you with ninjas... that's just silly.)

On a side note, it should be advised that the only difference with the B-stock Elite-Cs is that they are 2mm thick, as opposed to the primary stock being 1.6mm.

B-Stock before disappearing act?
Global Community Map

Global Keeb Folks!

I'm so excited to share with you all--we officially have a map of everyone in the Keebio community! All anonymous data, of course, but an absolute delight to see what a global community we are, with over 90 countries represented.

We here at Keebio delight in providing for an international community. Thanks for being a part of that community. Whether you're old or new to the hobby, I'm happy you're here, friend.

Look forward to an international keycap parade in a future newsletter! ;)

Global keeb tastic!
The Stick 2.0

Mods for your favorite lengthy macro!

Emily and Danny are hard at work on a spectacular revision of The Stick! (There is word of rotary encoders on the air...)

Keep a weather eye on the horizon for updates! Everyone needs a relentlessly fun light displaying macropad on their desk...

I can't make jokes with the word Stick.


YouTube keebs

YouTubers assemble!

A kind internet person has compiled a list of all the folks they could find who had a YouTube presence.

If you're in need of a keyboard bingewatch session... this post has you covered! It's wonderfully thorough as well, this person also has links for the social media identities of these influencers as well.

Movies? Nah. YouTube's got ya covered.
Switch Manufacture

Learn a thing with me!

Back on the front page of the internet we found this epic post of how one hundred thousand switches are manufactured per day! Also, be sure to watch with the audio up, it's very Mario-level kawaii music!

It's a rather impressive feat and fascinating to watch, be sure to toss an upvote to the poster. :)

How Stuff's Made!
phobokin_chicken's work

BF0-9000 for you?

u/Schroeje on r/mechanicalkeyboards has given some TLC to our BFO-9000 model who doesn't get fawned over as much!

This individual put in some epic work and made a custom cut steel switch and back plate! They're looking for a keyboard layout that doesn't rely too heavily on the pinkies as they've had both broken and neither have quite fully recovered. I sincerely hope this layout helps your pinkies, u/Schroeje! That sounds super tough.

Split world ergonomics!
u/shredler's work

BF0-9000 but in 3D!

u/shredler of reddit has made an oustanding presentation of their BFO-9000! A shock of red, a 3D print of blue... and some soft gray keycaps with white legends. What a cool look!

A small parade of the fine work of those who give our BFO-9000 some good lovin' vibes. Be sure to toss an upvote to u/shredler for their smashing work!

All the keys! ALL OF THEM!

H E Y , T H A N K S !

What a fine day for a newsletter!
What part of the Keebio newsletter is your favorite?


Hay! for horses. Where can I read your old newsletters?
Take a look here.

newsletter archive
Newsletters all for you!


Kayla rediscovered 8-bit music. So silly and fun.

How do you celebrate the warmth of spring?



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